Latest News and New Releases

dark thirstThanks to the eagle-eyed readers who let me know that Dark Thirst wasn’t up for sale in ebook anymore, I was able to contact my publisher and they’ve reissued the title for the Amazon Kindle!

Here’s your chance to read the book that launched the Brethren Series — nine volumes so far, and still going strong! — and that Romantic Times Book Reviews called “new twist on the vampire legend, filled with cultural differences and the challenges facing a deaf-mute hero” and “a fascinating and unique romance.”

Check out an excerpt from Dark Thirst here, and download for your Kindle today for only $3.19 here!

5 thoughts on “Latest News and New Releases

    1. Hi! Sorry for the delay in reply. I don’t have it available in paperback at this time, but would be glad to put it out there. Give me a week to get the formatting rearranged and I’ll post purchase links!

    2. Hi! Thanks for contacting me. I’d be glad to format it and make it available in paperback. Check back on this web page and I’ll post again when it’s available!

  1. I must say I have been sucked into the Brethren series. I have fallen in love with the characters. I was so excited to read Mason and Julian’s story unfold. I was so sad however when I realized it was the last book in the series. Will you be continuing the series? So many stories left open. I’m desperate to see what happens.

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