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A note to would-be pirates:

Most of the titles available on this page were offered for free download to readers for years through my website. Only recently, when I discovered that some not-so-honest people were copying my files, slapping different covers on them, and claiming authorship so they could sell them on Amazon, did I yank them altogether, or start charging money to purchase them.

However, recently I decided I wasn’t going to let a few bad apples ruin things for other readers. I’m excited to again be offering these great novels, novellas, and short stories for free. That being said, if you get the urge to try and sell one of my books under your own name, or a crappy pseudonym, and/or with shitastic cover art that you probably ripped off from a clip art or stock photo site, don’t. Just don’t.



Jay Frances has always found his ability to raise the dead more of a curse than a gift until he finds Jo Montgomery brutally murdered. Jo is the first person he’s able to restore body, mind and soul, and as a mutual attraction grows between them, so, too, does someone else’s interest. Jo’s killer is following them now, a psychotic sadist who wants to see Jay resurrect the dead again. And again.

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In this sequel to Resurrection, Paul Frances hunts for monsters. A seasoned veteran of the Metro Police Department, Paul’s made a renowned career out of tracking down serial killers. It should have given him the life of his dreams, with fame, notoriety and respect, but instead, it’s given him nightmares―literally. He dreams of torturing young women, driving them to the brink of death and beyond, over and over. These visions plague his nights and haunt his days, and when he discovers he’d been sleepwalking, disappearing for unaccounted hours at a time, he can’t help but beg the question: has the monster-hunter become a monster himself?

Available in ebook formats from:

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Sunlight in natural ForestHIGHWAYMAN LOVER

(Originally published under the title, An Unexpected Engagement)

“This is historical romance the way it should be written. I loved it!” – New York Times & USA Today best-selling author Karen Robards

Charlotte Engle finds herself on the wrong end of a pistol when her coach is stopped by notorious highwaymen, the Black Trio. Although Charlotte survives the encounter none the worse for wear, her mother, Lady Epping, decides Charlotte is in need of a husband to protect her. Charlotte is inclined to agree only when introduced to Kenley Fairfax. Kenley is charming and handsome, a young lord with a sordid past and a reputation for trouble. He’s just the sort to strike Charlotte’s fancy—and horrify her mother.

When Lady Epping arranges a marriage to an insufferable cad, however, Kenley comes to her rescue, declaring she has already agreed to marry him. Kenley charms and excites Charlotte more than any man she has ever met, but can she really marry someone she has known less than a week? A man with secrets in his life he keeps fiercely guarded? Not to mention one her mother despises?

Available in ebook forms from: Smashwords




“Wounded souls, passionate romance and swashbuckling adventure combine to make a remarkable love story.”– Kelley Hartsell, CK’s Kwips and Kritiques

When Kitty Ransom, daughter one of the most celebrated captains in the English Royal Navy, is abducted by pirates, she finds herself an unwitting pawn in a seafaring game of cat-and-mouse.

When Rafe Serrano Beltran finally has the chance to seek revenge against John Ransom, the legendary “Hawk of the High Seas,” he seizes it. A physician by trade, and unwilling pirate by honor bound, he agrees to kidnap Ransom’s only daughter. How could he have known she was blind? Or beautiful? Or clever enough to find the pair of manacles hidden in his shipboard stateroom — the pair without a key? Or that once inadvertently chained to her side, he might not want to leave?

Available in ebook formats at: Smashwords

You’ll find my horror short story, “The Periphery People” included in this fantastic, FREE anthology, Here Be Monsters.


You can also download it for FREE from Smashwords in the ebook format of your choice.

periphery people

Or enjoy one of these fantastic audio performances linked below. All are so amazing, so well-done, and so unique and original to the performer, I can’t pick a favorite:

Issue #134 of the podcast magazine, “Tales to Terrify


By CreepyPastaSr:

By Ace of Scares:

And by Natenator77:

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