Shout out to the Voice behind my audiobook

DarkPassagesaudio_500One of the coolest things I’ve done in my writing career is have one of my books made into an audio version. I paid for the production of “Dark Passages: Tristan and Karen” myself and I’m not going to lie, folks — it wasn’t cheap. Part of the cost covered the narrator talent — in this case, actor Christopher Patton. I wasn’t familiar with Chris or his body of work until I began listening to sample audio files for prospective narrators. I found myself really taken with his voice. Even in a brief clip, I could tell he had a fantastic range in terms of emotion; in other words, he was an actor, not just a narrator. And I have to admit, I thought he sounded sexy as hell, the way my hero, Tristan, might if he was a real person. To this day, I consider myself very lucky in that Chris was available to work on my project.

Since the completion of the audio version of “Dark Passages: Tristan and Karen,” I’ve kept in touch with Chris through Facebook and Twitter. It’s always exciting to learn about new projects he’s working on. My kids had a squeeeeeeing fan-kids fit when I explained to them that one of the characters on the episode of “Pokemon” they were watching one Saturday morning was voiced by someone I knew. And as for me, not only do I have a squeeeeeing fan-girl moment any time I listen to the audio version of “Tristan and Karen,” but I had another recently when he announced he would be narrating the audio version of Disney’s novelization of “Guardians of the Galaxy.” 

Chris actually has a pretty impressive resume when it comes to work as a voice actor, having appeared in more than 200 anime titles. He also performs as a stage actor as well — most recently in a production of “Bat Boy: The Musical” in Annapolis, MD. The local paper there also covered him in a recent feature. He shared the link on Facebook, and like a proud fan-girl, I’m sharing it with you here.

You can hear a sample of Chris Patton’s amazing vocal talents on “Dark Passages: Tristan and Karen,” buy the audiobook, or update your Kindle version with the audio performance by clicking here